Jackie O forgives Kyle after their on-air blow up.


UPDATE: Kyle and Jackie O have made up after their on-air squabble.

But when Jackie stormed out, she didn’t really think it all through…

“The worst part about it was obviously in the heat of things…” she told her listeners on Kiis FM this morning.

“I was then out the front of the building and it’s dark still, there’s nobody around and I had left my phone and my car keys in the studio,” Henderson told listeners. “They were on my desk. It took me an hour and a half finally to get a cab.”

She also says the on-air pair have a pretty great track record when it comes to fights:

“I think we have probably had … maybe three fights and that was the third one. Kyle and I, our stand-offs don’t happen for very long. We get over it quick.”



Jackie O is practically a saint for putting up with Kyle Sandilands every day.

In a confined space.

With thousands of people listening.

Today, it got too much. She stormed out of the studio after they had a squabble right at the start of the show.


It was at about 6 o’clock this morning, on Kiis FM. Jackie accused Kyle of chucking a sickie on Friday.

“You left everyone high and dry on Friday,” she said.

To which Kyle said: “If you vomited in the car I don’t think you’d come to work either.” (Which, to be fair, is strictly true. Kyle has vomited on air before and it was the opposite of good).

There was further squabbling. Squabble squabble squabble.

Then it went down like this.

KYLE: “Have you got the sh**s or something?”

JACKIE: “A little bit.”

KYLE: “I’m happy to go home again. I don’t have to put up with this.”

JACKIE: “You’re always sick on a Friday. I’m putting it out there.”

KYLE: “Too bad for you.”

Producers played a bunch of pre-recorded interviews. Then 40 minutes later, Kyle came on to say that Jackie had left the building.

Maximumus Awkwardus.

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