Jackie O's daughter Kitty celebrates her 4th birthday in style.

A party fit for a princess.

Radio host Jackie O has taken to Instagram to share some photos of the lavish princess party she threw for her daughter Kitty over the weekend.

The 39-year-old radio personality transformed her Sydney backyard into a magical wonderland for the four-year-old, with the help of events stylist Yael Barkhan.

The princess party featured plenty of pink, of course. As well as teepees, balloons, pom poms, confetti and lots of delicious looking party food.

Image from Instagram @jackieo_official

Yael told the Daily Mail Australia that Jackie wanted to be "pretty, feminine, and shabby chic." "I favour that kind of as well. We went for a sorbet pallet of light pinks and creams," Yael said.

Jackie captioned one of her incredible snaps,  "...wish my backyard could stay like this forever #princessparty."

Image from Instagram @jackieo_official

According to the Daily Mail the party planner was working with a budget upwards of $3,000 and that Kitty "loved every single minute of her magical birthday party".

But adults were in on the fun too. Jackie posted a snap of the adult-only Pimms station with the caption, "Why should it just be the kids having all the fun?"

Image from Instagram @jackieo_official

After Terry Biviano's fare for her one-year-old's party, Yael said that it was very 'on trend' these days to go all out for kid's birthdays.

And Kitty's party certainly fits that bill.

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