Kyle corrects Jackie O for saying something offensive. Yes, you read that right.

How the tables have turned.

For once, it was Jackie O making controversial comments on the Kiis FM breakfast radio show, and not Kyle Sandilands.

In an interview this week with The Block winners Shannon and Simon Vos, Jackie O mentioned a couple who were key bidders during the auction finale.

Chinese student Yue Pan, 20, and boyfriend Shija Ma, 20, purchased Max and Karstan’s apartment for a casual $1.71 million. In the first two auctions, including Shannon and Simon’s apartment (which sold for $335,000 over the reserve price), they were responsible for driving up the final price with their bids.

As Jackie O put it, “There weren’t that many buyers, if it weren’t for that Asian couple, you guys would have been screwed.”

And the twist is that Kyle, renowned for his long list of insensitive and offensive comments, pulled her up on it.

“Does anyone else find it offensive that Jackie just referred to them as the Asian couple? Assuming all Asians look the same and she couldn’t be bothered getting their names right?”

Jackie defended herself with “I don’t know what their names are, they were anonymous bidders!’”

Daily Mail Australia was told by a spokesperson for the radio hosts that Kyle “became confused and thought Jackie was talking about the contestants, and that she had not learnt their names despite The Block being on air for months.”

“When he realised Jackie was talking about two of the bidders (whose names weren’t identified on the show, therefore Jackie’s intention was to simply describe the couple bidding) he corrected himself”.

Shija Ma and Yue Pan, new owners of a Block apartment.

Yue Pan purchased the Prahran apartment for her parents, owners of a factory in China. One of the auctioneers revealed that she had actually been planning on buying Dee and Darren’s apartment originally, which ended up selling for only $10,000 above reserve.

Yue and her boyfriend are planning on living in the apartment until her parents come over from China.

Dear Yue – please feel welcome to invite us over for dinner. Thanks.

The Sunday night finale was one crazy night:

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