Fans are convinced radio host Jackie O is pregnant, and we're shaking our heads.

Oh, what fun it must be to be in the public eye. That way, every thing you do, every move you make and every outfit you wear gets to be scrutinised tirelessly by your fans.

Sounds great, right?

That’s exactly what has just happened to radio host Jackie O, after a video was posted to The Kyle and Jackie O Show’s social media pages yesterday.

The video clip shows employee Pedro passing wind in the 42-year-old’s face (charming), but that’s not what had people talking.

Pedro FARTS in Jackie O’s FACE! ???????????? #KIIS1065 #KJShow

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It seems all eyes are on Jackie O’s stomach in the short video, which many believe is busy growing another baby for the star.

Within hours of the clip being uploaded, the comments and questions began.

“Is Jackie expecting again?”, “Is Jackie O preggy?” and “Baby bump!” were just some of the thoughtless comments made by fans.

Fans think they spy a baby bump in this shot. Image via Instagram.

The show's producers were quick to put a stop to the rumours, replying to the comments on the duo's official Facebook page.

"We'll jump in on this one and let you know that NO Jackie isn't pregas," they wrote.

"We don't want #FakeNews spreading."

But even that wasn't enough for some fans, with some still convinced Jackie is expecting baby number two.

"She is but she does not want it released to the public yet," one commenter wrote.

Jackie O has a five-year-old daughter Kitty, with husband Lee. As for news of baby number two? We'll leave that up to her to announce.

In the meantime, how about we just let celebrity women exist in the world without constantly being dragged onto a pregnancy rumour mill.