Jackie O apologises for on-air comments questioning the paternity of Kieran Foran's young son.

Mamamia reported yesterday that Parramatta Eels captain Kieran Foran is taking legal action against KIIS FM radio host Jackie O for questioning the paternity of his young son on air.

Foran and Rebecca Pope separated three weeks after the birth of their son Jordan.

A spokesperson for the Australian Radio Network issued a statement which read:

“It has been reported in other media that legal action has been taken against KIIS 1065 regarding comments made on air. As of 9pm today KIIS 1065 has not sighted any legal letter. Jackie and the KIIS team are mortified that anything said has caused hurt to Kieran Foran and his family at such a difficult time. We apologise unreservedly for this and  wish them all the best.”

This morning, on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, Jackie ‘O’ Henderson issued her own apology to Foran, Pope and their family.

Pope, Foran and their children. (Image via Instagram)

"Hey listen guys, I really feel it's important we kick of the show addressing a situation that has arisen off the back of something I said in a segment that was really stupid," she began.

"What do you mean? What's happened?" co-host Kyle Sandilands asked facetiously.

"So, we were talking about Kierna Foran from the Parramatta Eels... and I gave voice to a really ugly rumour. And I just want to apologise for that. because it was stupid to say what I said, and it was really insensitive. Especially considering what Kieran is going through at this time in his life."

Foran was rushed to hospital last week after suffering a suspected prescription drug overdose. He has been transferred to a recovery centre and is said to be in good spirits, dealing with the recent separation from his partner and children.


"I don't want to repeat this ugly rumour, because that's what it is. But I do want to take this time to personally apologise to Rebecca and Kieran for what I said. I can imagine how hurtful that would have been and I feel really terribly, I really do, and I'm truly sorry."

"I don't want to repeat this ugly rumour, because that's what it is." (Image via Instagram)

"Despite what some people might think, it's not what I am about on radio. I've tried very hard in my career not to be hurtful, and that's why I'm very sorry for any harm I have caused. I hope they'll accept my apology."

"I am sorry," she repeated, choking up.

Kyle quickly tried to move the conversation forward, saying he had been late into the office this morning, and wasn't sure about the details of what had occurred. "Looks like you're in the shit," he said. "Better you than me, because it's usually something I'm asked to do, and I refuse to do anything. I never say sorry about anything ever."

But unlike her co-host, Jackie O was determined to address the upset she had caused.

"I felt it was important to address it at the beginning of the show, but I'm happy for it to be replayed later in the show," she said, expressing concerns that some may view the timing of her statement as an attempt to limit the number of people who would be listening.