"You're about to become the bitch from hell," says Jackie O about IVF.

Jackie O has given a talkback caller some rather lovely advice on how to survive the hormonal turmoil of getting IVF.

The 39-year-old radio host had IVF in order to get pregnant with her beloved daughter Kitty, who is now 3 years old.

This morning on Kiis FM, Jackie spoke candidly to a woman who called in to ask about the experience. She had a couple of gentle warnings for her, who is about to through IVF herself.

“You are about to become the bitch from hell and you won’t even know it. And you will think your behaviour is completely normal,” she said. “Those hormones mess with your moods.”

Jackie also talked about how she treated Kitty’s dad, her husband Lee Henderson, during that time. Lee and Jackie have been married 11 years – it was said with love.

“It’s your partner who’s going to cop it!” she said.

And then, on the injections you have to go through: “The needles are are not that bad. You have to inject yourself every night. I did it in the stomach. My advice before injecting the needle is give yourself a big slap there, and that kind of numbs it so you don’t feel it. It works! A lot of people say it’s a bad experience for them- personally for me it wasn’t.”

And a final piece of advice: “Remain positive. It’s not that bad, honestly. Don’t listen to the horror stories.”

And then of course, helpfully, Kyle Sandilands chimed in with his opinion. Jackie was working with Kyle at the time she was undergoing IVF treatment, and he sweetly described her as “an absolute f*****g c***”.

As usual, Kyle swoops in to ruin a perfectly lovely conversation.

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