Jackie O says she gets Botox 'for her husband'.

We kind of hope these comments were taken out of context…

Jackie O is a radio host, a mother to a beautiful four-year-old girl named Kitty and a wife to Lee Henderson. She’s also a frequent user of Botox. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

The 40-year-old has spoken about getting Botox in the past, but when a listener called in and asked her outright if she gets it, she fessed up. And usually we’d be celebrating – surgery is still ‘frowned upon’ by those who deem themselves Better Than Thou, so it’s not often a high-profile figure admits to having work done.

Jackie O: frown free and happy. We think. Image via Instagram.

But after admitting to the procedure, Jackie told listeners why she gets Botox. And it made us feel more than a little uncomfortable.

She says her husband, Lee Henderson, thought she looked angry all the time, so he told her to get it.

“I got it originally only in the frown part because I was frowning all the time and Lee thought I was always pissed off,” she said.

“I do it when I can be bothered…It does help though, as long as you don’t get too much done.”

Jackie with her smooth forehead and her adorable daughter. Image via Instagram.

We’ll always applaud a woman who is open about surgery, because there is nothing wrong with changing something you feel self-conscious about. But doing it to stop your husband thinking you’re angry?

Well, that just makes us kind of… angry.

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What do you think about botox? Would you get it done? Have you had it done? 

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