Wow. Jackie O, did you really make that cake?

Jackie O gets her bake on for her daughter’s birthday.

If Jackie O ever had to quit her day job, it turns out she wouldn’t have a problem finding a new one… as a baker.

The 39-year-old radio personality whipped up a magical Frozen-themed cake and can I say, we’re pretty impressed with her effort.

Jackie's Frozen cake.

Jackie was proud of herself too, as she shared the pictures on Instagram and captioned one of the snaps with "The end result," adding the hashtag "feeling proud".

Jackie made the cake for her daughter Kitty's 4th birthday on Wednesday, during her summer holidays. She spent the day with her husband Lee Henderson, working on the very impressive treat.

Jackie getting her bake on.

She captioned another snap with, "Hubby and I attempting to surprise kitty with a frozen cake for her birthday today. We are halfway there - fingers crossed this turns out. It's only taken us all day!"

Jackie with her husband Lee and daughter Kitty.

And apparently little Kitty was very impressed with the magical surprise, with Jackie captioned another shot with, "And we have one very happy little birthday girl who loved her Frozen cake."

Kudos Jackie, kudos.

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