Chris Bath and Jackie O’s “play fight” on radio this morning was not funny.

Chris Bath and Jackie O earlier this year. (Image via Twitter.)

This morning on KIIS FM, Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O had Chris Bath, TV news presenter and journalist, as a guest on the show.

Chris and Jackie O engaged in a “verbal fight” in which the women, rather than throwing punches, threw insults.

It was intended to be hilarious, with Kyle outlining that “Fights will go on as long as they are funny, or I will stop them”.

I’ve no doubt they meant the segment to be funny. But I didn’t find it amusing.

Bath kicked off the verbal battle of words telling Jackie O that she might like to dress up a bit more especially when there are paps about, to which she responded with:

“Yeah, well at least I’m in the media and I’m still getting papped.”

Chris Bath and Jackie O earlier this year. (Image via Twitter.)

Bath then shot an insult at Jackie about her hair:


“You know what, while we’re talking about... blondes, what’s going to happen to you when you run out of hair dye?”

"Yeah, well I didn’t even recognise you today without your hair and makeup done,” Jackie O replied.

“Hey Bathy, how are you ever going to get another job in the media, you’re about a thousand years old... how are you handling all these punches now you’re an old hag?”

“I don’t see anything on my body wobbling,” Bath responded. (Post continues after gallery.) 

Ouch. It hurt just to listen to it.

I get that they were trying to make the battle a humourous one, but it missed the mark.

Jackie O and Chris Bath are two of Australia’s most successful, inspiring women in their own right, I feel that there could’ve been a million and one other better exchanges between them than the one that graced the airwaves this morning.

Video via KIISFM

Essentially every single insult thrown by the pair was intended to tear down the other’s looks and self-worth.

And it didn’t help that Kyle could be heard in the background chanting: “Kill her, kill her, fight, fight, fight”.

It’s 2015, can we move past using the “cat fight” as a form of entertainment?

Did you hear the segment?

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