The story behind the worst reaction to losing an award the Emmy's have ever seen.

Let’s be honest, not winning an award you’ve been nominated for is not the greatest feeling, whether it’s your primary school soccer team MVP or, you know, an Emmy.

But if you do find yourself in that situation (particularly the latter) it pays to at least try and keep a straight face and appear gracious in defeat.

At last night’s Emmy Awards, all losing actors managed to hide their true emotions. Feud‘s Jackie Hoffman did not.

Nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or a Movie, Hoffman and her fellow nominees lost out to Big Little Lies‘ Laura Dern.

Cameras clearly caught her yell “Damn It” and her expression change to one of upset and anger.

Media and fans were quick to report in her break of face. But there’s one thing many seem to be missing about this story – Hoffman was playing a joke all along.

Image; Twitter/Getty

She continued it on Twitter immediately after the ceremony, posting more and more elaborate (and in good nature) digs at Dern.



After she became aware of reports people thought she was seriously sledging the Emmy winner, she clarified.

She's not the first to pull a stunt after losing an award. At this year's Golden Globes awards, Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield made a pact that if Reynolds won, he would kiss Garfield rather than wife Blake Lively.

Reynolds didn't win - Ryan Gosling took out the gong instead - but the duo still decided to go with the losing kiss for the reaction cam.

If Hoffman didn't deserve an Emmy for her performance in Feud, she definitely deserves one after that.

Listen to Mamamia Entertainment Editor Laura Brodnik explain the significance of this year's Emmy awards on the Binge.  


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