Did this dad just win 'bogan' baby name choice of the year?




Yes, we have a winner. This dad has managed to choose the baby name of the year just before the clocks tick over.

A man who was named after a world-famous whiskey, has now named his son after a world-famous bourbon.

32-year-old JACK DANIELS Leathers from Louisiana has named his son JIM BEAM Leathers in the hope of keeping their liquored-name tradition in the family.

The father. (Image via @jackdaniels_us)

Mr Leathers told houmatoday that he and his wife (Lydia Leathers) had kept the tradition alive after his parents had decided to name him something that would make their own parents mad.

“At the time, my dad was drinking Jack, which he enjoyed. My mom said, ‘Why not?'” Daniels told the Louisiana publication.

The couple had talked about baby names on their first date (which is a rarity in itself) and had agreed to Jim Beam as a name then.

The son. (Image via @jimbeamofficial)

Ms Leather said she loves the name choice.

“I’ve always tried to do stuff out of the ordinary, to do things differently than other people,” she told houmatoday. “It’s hard to find a name that you like that nobody you know has. It was all Jack’s idea. I just went along with it,” she told the publication.

And in case you’re wondering how they’ll continue the tradition if they have more babies. The duo have said they’ve got it covered.

“If we have another child, our second born will be Evan Williams, after the bourbon. If it’s a girl, she will be Sherry, like the cooking sherry,” Mr Leather told houmatoday.

We’re saying nothing. Nothing at all.

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