J. K. Rowling is leading the resistance against US President Donald Trump.

There was once a man named Voldemort.

His name incited such fear, that characters only referred to him as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

English author J. K. Rowling thought she’d conjured up an incomparably evil character. Then, in 2016, a man named Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States.

Compared to Trump, Voldemort looks like Blinky Bill. And Rowling is having none of it.

As well as being the author of the best-selling book series in history, Harry Potter, and worth more than one billion dollars, Rowling is leading the Twitter resistance against Trump.

“But you’re not even American!” her detractors yell. “Trump is none of your business!”

Well, Rowling has a Tweet for that.

“When a man this ignorant and easy to manipulate gets within sniffing distance of the nuclear codes,” she posted on Twitter to her 12.3 million followers, “It’s everyone’s business.”


DAMN she’s good with 120 characters.

Here are her 10 best Tweets, highlighting the complete ineptitude of the leader of the free world.

1. We’re all glad Trump is spending time inventing hashtags.



2. Trump likes the word ‘phony’.




3. Trump is grumpy.



4. Remember when there were allegations of President Obama sexually assaulting women?? We don’t either.

5. When the BBC compared Trump to Voldemort.



6. J. K. Rowling is an author, and she knows a lot about tone. 




7. Trump must have left his phone at home that day…

8. Excuse me Rowling, but our President’s ineptitude is none of your business…



9. Trump isn’t very good at ‘friends’.


10. You know Trump’s not lying, because he even used capital letters.


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