Miracle twins: one IVF, the other natural

When Nadene Anderson fell pregnant with twins, her IVF specialists were totally baffled because they'd only implanted one embryo. Then they discovered a medical miracle had occurred:  Nadene and her husband John had conceived naturally and under IVF at exactly the same time.

When Nadene and John met they knew straight away they wanted to be parents. They tried for years with no success. They started fertility treatment and Nadene was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. However, even after this was treated they still couldn’t fall pregnant. So they made the decision to undergo IVF.

The first round failed. They decided to try again.

When undergoing IVF, it is recommended couples abstain from sex before the implantation, to increase the chances of a successful procedure but Nadene and John had sex just before their second implantation. The doctor only implanted one egg. Weeks later they were all starring at the ultrasound screen which clearly showed two babies.

Nadene and John had to confess. They admitted they’d had sex to increase their chances of falling pregnant during a time when Nadene was very fertile thanks to treatment. The evidence was in and the delighted couple are now proud parents of healthy twin babies.


However doctors can’t tell which baby was conceived naturally and which resulted from IVF. Their IVF baby was conceived using their own egg and sperm so they’ll never know. Twins Jack and Darcy are two very lucky babies and boy do their parents have a story to tell them when they grow up.

The delighted parents plan to have more children, once they can see through the fog of sleepless nights and endless feedings.

Nadene and John are so relieved to finally have the family they’ve dreamed of. Had the second round of IVF not worked the couple were planning to pursue adoption or surrogacy. Nadene told The Australian Woman’s Weekly: “I feel like if we hadn’t gone down the IVF route and didn’t try to double our chances by having sex, we wouldn’t have our twins and I feel so lucky to have them both.”

Use of IVF treatments has increased dramatically and Australian doctors are at the fore-front of the latest developments. Many couples struggling with fertility issues are lucky enough to have access to this amazing treatment and it’s so great to read yet another success story.

Have you used IVF? How was your experience?


Watch an interview with the happy couple on the Today Show here: