We've seen thousands of pregnancy announcements before. We've never seen one like this.

Lauren and Garyt Walker struggled for 953 days to get pregnant.

They went through 452 needles, two rounds of IVF, three failed transfers and one corrective surgery.

Now, the couple from Houston, Texas, has finally been able to share the happy news with friends and family that they are expecting twins later this year.

But their pregnancy announcement was anything but ordinary: the pair surrounded two adorable baby onesies with every single needle and medication that made it possible for them to become parents.

ivf baby announcement
The couple used ever single needle they'd used to help them conceive in their pregnancy announcement. Image via Facebook.

"We are overwhelmed with joy to finally announce that we are expecting boy/girl TWINS!!" Lauren wrote on Facebook.

"We thought about how to announce our two miracles to the world. Everything we could think of fell short of doing them justice. Doing ourselves justice, for every trial and tribulation we have been through these past years," she wrote.

Lauren said that taking the needles out to take the pregnancy announcement photo was "surreal".

Lauren and Garyt Walker
Lauren and Garyt Walker struggled for 953 days to get pregnant. Image via Facebook.

"Half way through my hands started to quiver, my breath got short, and I had to stop. I sat down, looked at it and started to cry," she wrote.

"Not because I was sad about what it took to get here, but because it was a representation of my world, our world, for the past over two and a half years staring back at me. There was a lot of pain, hope, and fear behind each of these needles. Each one represents a different day, a different path, a different emotion. It's a lot to take in."

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Now, as they await the arrival of their babies Duke and Diana - who are due in August - the pair say it was "worth the wait...and wait, and wait, and wait".

Lauren also described her heartbreak at losing embryo after embryo, five in total.

"Coming so far only to miscarry. Getting to where all the hope, the money, all of what could have been your children were gone. The End.

"Feeling broken and empty physically, emotionally, and above all, spiritually."

IVF couple
Lauren also described her heartbreak at losing embryo after embryo. Image via Facebook.

Despite their struggle, Lauren said she would do this "2,000 times over and over, again and again".

The couple finished their emotional post with a message to their future children.

"Duke and Diana, you are already so loved," they wrote.

"Mommy and Daddy cannot wait to hold you in our arms, for we have carried you in our hearts for a lifetime."

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