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How Weezy the anxiety ridden dog formed an unlikely friendship with baby Evan.


The sweet story of how an anxious rescue dog was rehabilitated by its new owners is getting all the right attention.

Italian greyhound Weezy was brought to an animal shelter in Edmonton, Canada with severe dental problems and anxiety.

Too afraid to do little more than shake, Weezy was adopted by a family but lasted only one night before they returned him.

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Lucky for him, a family in a nearby town learned of his story and drove two hours to give him a second chance.

Owner Sarah Mavro told The Dodo she and her family have spent the last three years rehabilitating Weezy with time, patience and a whole lot of love.


And then came baby Evan.

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Mavro said the addition of the family’s new son worked wonders for their still shy dog.

“He  [Evan] is 7 months old now and she loves him even more than she loves us I think,” she said.

“She will climb right up beside him and let him get all over her.”

Weezy and Evan frequently appear on an Instagram page set up to share their story. You can follow their life together here.

Feature image via Instagram @weeztheig.