The lash trick Ita Buttrose has passed down to her daughter (and granddaughters).

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At 74 years young, Ita Buttrose is an Aussie treasure with no signs of slowing down. She’s an ambassador for Alzheimer’s Australia, a panelist on Studio 10, a bona fide media legend and a Priceline Pharmacy Sister.

We caught up with her to find out the beauty tricks she’s been employing for decades and what she’d like more time for (it’s something we can relate to).

You’ve had such a stellar career, but are there any mistakes you’ve made along the way you regret?

“I don’t really dwell on those sorts of things and I don’t think saying what if I’d done this or what if I’d done that, because I didn’t. And you really can’t undo anything you’ve done, so you might as well accept the consequences of your past and just move on and you just have to say, well, look, all those things I’ve done made me who I am now, you can either be comfortable with that, or not, and I am.”


You’ve lived 74 fabulous years, can you tell me the universal beauty trick every woman should try?

“My mother always told me to brush my eyebrows at night and brush my eyelashes and to use a bit of Vaseline [$3.99]. And I tell you, I still do it to give them a good shape. I’ve drummed it into my daughter and now I’ve got three granddaughters and I’ve started talking to them about it. It’s just one of those things, you know, your mother tells you. She also told me to always moisturise your neck at night. Even when I was very young I would moisturise my neck.”

Watch: Australian celebrities share the best advice they received from their mothers. (Post continues after video.)


You’re such a busy woman, what do you wish you had more time for?

“Me [laughs]. More time for me.”

What would you do for you?

“Well, I like walking. I like to start the day walking and I get very resentful if something intrudes on my walk. I also like to get a good night of sleep, I don’t want any more than seven hours. If I get seven I’m very happy. But I think women shortchange themselves on sleep and especially younger women. 

“When you’re younger you need more sleep because when you’re menstruating and hormonal, that’s when women need a really good sleep. So I’ve always gone on about the need for sleep, don’t cut sleep out of your life. It’s very good for your skin. It shows. If your skin’s tired, it looks drab, if you’ve had a good night of sleep it’s got this glow to it.” (Post continues after gallery.)

What’s a budget beauty product you can’t live without?

“I like Revlon’s mascara — anything they have that’s black is great. I don’t like my lashes to get gluggy and clumpy, I like them to be separated.”

It’s so refreshing to see Priceline have chosen ambassadors that all Aussie women can relate to, of all backgrounds and ages. Is that important to you?

“Yes, because if you look at the Priceline customer it’s all walks of life and people often write off anyone that’s a bit older — you know, over 50, over 60, over 70, they don’t really care. But in fact, the last time I looked, one of the biggest spenders in the beauty category were women over 60. We spend a lot more on hair care and moisturisers and makeup generally. People don’t realise the importance of that market.”

Have you tried Ita’s beauty tricks?