It's 2016 and mums are STILL shamed for using child care.


We’ve all hear the phrase “It takes a village” and all the time I hear people preaching it. Yet, for some reason just as often people seem to make comments and judge other parents for their said ‘village’.

I was recently asked ‘why do you have kids if you put them in daycare anyway?’

I know right?

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People need to understand that everyone if different, every family is different, every mother is different, every child is different! And their village and how that village runs is gonna be different!

Some mothers stay at home with their kids

Some mothers go to work

Some mothers work from home

Some fathers stay home with their kids

Some fathers work far away from their families

Some mothers and fathers both work

Some kids go to daycare

Some kids have a nanny

Some kids have a babysitter

Some kids have family look after them

Some kids have sleep overs with their grandparents every week

Some kids have never had a sleep over

Some families have other family members live with them


Some families have no close family around

Some parents are doing it alone

Some couples need alone time together

And some parents just need a god damn break!

The list goes on…

Olivia with her daughter. Image: Supplied

Everyone is different and their circumstances will differ to yours. What works for some, may not work for another. Some people have a big village, and some people may have none. And no one should judge anyone else for their decisions about how they parent and the village they have around them.

We are all just trying to do the best we can with what we’ve got!