'I went in with no expectations, and walked out with $300 worth of clothes.'

Editor’s note: Nope, not sponsored. Just a big fan with a big message.

I’m a self-confessed shopaholic. Or, as I sometimes like to put it, a seasoned, compulsive sale buyer.

I’m that annoying shopper that spends hours leisurely (but with a purpose) scouring through every rack, sale or not. If there’s a buy two get one half-priced deal, there is not doubt I’ll be milking it for all its worth and buying at least six, maybe even in the same colour. A deal’s a deal, right?

But the past few months, I’ve been stuck in a shopping rut. I’ve been trolling the same shopping sites, adding and removing items from my shopping cart. I’ve been walking through all the department stores, the time when I normally find something that tickles my fashion fancy, and nothing.

There’s suddenly cash in my wallet, and there’s actual money in my bank account — a day I thought I would never see since I discovered a credit card. So it’s safe to say my suddenly clean, un-swiped card was dying for a sweaty workout, and boy did it get one.

My eyes are now opened to a trendily timeless fashion world I once knew absolutely nothing about: Uniqlo.

Before you say anything, something along the lines of how stupid I am for not finding this fashion jackpot sooner, I’d like to point out that I’d heard the word Uniqlo twice in my whole life. The first time, Uniqlo was mentioned by a commentator when I was watching a Novak Djokovic tennis match a few years ago. Apparently, he endorsed the brand and was an ambassador, and me, being the most inactive, uncoordinated person left on earth, decided venturing anywhere near Uniqlo and their clothes wasn’t for me.

The second and game-changing time was when I asked my stylish friend (we all have one) where she got a fluffy jacket from. It was soft to touch and I was completely gawking at it in envy, so when she said “Uniqlo” after expecting to hear some expensive brand, I knew I had to make the trip.


So last week, despite walking past the store five days a week for the past three years, I traipsed in with little to no expectations.

It looked like H&M, and it took less than one hour to walk out with four full bags of clothes.

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Let me start by saying this. If you’re in need of work clothes but don’t want to spend the dosh, go to Uniqlo. They have a work range. Yep, all that office attire that we don’t have the money to buy, Uniqlo has it, and at decent prices too.

Then there’s their range of outerwear, perfect for the Melbourne winter we are currently suffering, which is too well-priced to pass up. Forget those exxy puffer jackets, I bought two of the aforementioned fluffy jackets in different colours for only $40 each.

And lastly, but not finally because Uniqlo is releasing a collaboration of 33 pieces with JW Anderson in September (you’ll definitely be hearing from me again then), every one of your basics needs is right at your disposal. Jumpers, t-shirts, shirts, culottes, even bloody jumpsuits you can layer.

The answer to all (okay, most of) your problems: Uniqlo.

$300 later, I’m sitting here not regretting one single purchase. And that’s a rarity.