Trish Paytas came out as a "gay man". 24 hours later, he was forced to apologise.


“I am transgender – female to male. But also a drag queen.”

Those are the words of YouTuber Trisha Paytas, who on Monday revealed to his nearly five million subscribers that he henceforth identifies as a “gay man”.

In the 15-minute long video, the American influencer – no stranger to controversy thanks to his typically outlandish videos – was “honest” with his subscribers in a way he hadn’t previously been.

“I’ve always been attracted to guys, but not straight guys; I’ve always been attracted to gay guys. So that’s why I’ve always thought, like, maybe I’m a gay man.”

Trisha continues: “I don’t like to be centre of attention, except for when I want to be the centre of attention. Think of like a drag queen: they do their full glam and everything but in their day to day they’re not, they’re very low-key, whatever.

“I’ve always had penis envy,” the 31-year-old adds, before stating he has always believed life would “be easier if I had that part”.

is trisha paytas transgender
One day after revealing he identifies as a "gay man," Trisha Paytas apologised in a teary video. Image: YouTube.

"This past week, I had the 'societal boy haircut', which is short, and I've never felt more free and liberated in my life.... I felt free and I felt happy."

In the video, Trisha acknowledged that there may be some backlash, saying he is aware "this will be scandalous".

Indeed, after attracting over a million views in the 24 hours it's been live, there has been an avalanche of criticism directed at Trisha.

Many members from the LGBTQI+ community expressed their discontent with the video, claiming Trisha was being insensitive to trans people and changed his gender identity only for "clicks".


Gigi Gorgeous, a transgender woman who documented her journey of transitioning from male to female on YouTube, said the language used in Trisha's video is harmful to the trans community.


However, Gigi also said: "I firmly believe that when someone tells you who they are, what their label is, how they want to be identified, you have to believe that person."

"Trisha said, ‘I am a transgender man,’ and that is exactly how I will view him," Gigi added.

Watch: Trisha Paytas comes out as a "gay man". Post continues after video. 

Video by YouTube

Just one day after Trisha's video, a new clip appeared in his feed, this time titled "apology".

Trisha cried, as he admitted he was "overwhelmed by the amount of backlash" the video received.

"I just don't get how people think I could choose this, that I'm just deciding to do this," he said.

"I never would want to offend that community that I’ve been so strong for and admired and loved and allied with for so long. Especially the transgender community."


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Trisha added that in the past six months he has been seeing a gender identity therapist who has helped him navigate this confusing time.

"It sucks that we live in this world and I'm not allowed to identify as a man because of how I look," he said.

On Twitter, Trisha has continued to defend himself, after one viewer commented, "this would be more funny if girls weren't being killed for disclosing this fact".

"It’s not meant to be funny," Trisha responded. "Because I don’t look like a traditional male on the outside , I’m a joke ? Men can wear dresses , heels and makeup u know. Close minded and ignorant."

Many viewers have continued to comment that they hope Trisha can learn from their critique of the video, and wish for Trisha to better educate himself on the transgender community.