Is this officially a come-back?

I’ve long had an argument with my friend about Britney. In the depths of the head-shaving, drug-taking, psyche-ward time, my friend insisted Britney would be back. I disagreed.
We haven’t been able to agree on a definition of ‘comeback’ but many would say this is it.
Well, her hair is long and she’s nude and wiggling around in videos again. Is that a come-back? I guess for Britney it is…..

Here’s her latest clip, Womaniser. Or Womanizer as the Americans spell it. You be the judge…

This is what Jezebel has to say:

It’s pretty much accepted conjecture that the reason Britney had a
breakdown is because she never had any control over her own life. From
the time she started in show business, a manager or handler was
determining her every move, her every career choice. Now,
post-breakdown, her career is back on that same path that caused
the breakdown in the first place — the one that requires her to strip
down to her skivvies and gyrate for the masses. The flip side of the
coin is that Britney’s talent has always been this sort of hyper-sexual
performance. She can’t pull a Christina Aguilera and fall back on her
singing, because she’s not a great singer, so what, career-wise, could
she do to resurrect her image? One suggestion: taking a page from the
Cher play book and becoming a camp icon, embracing ballads and club
tracks that don’t require Brit to strip down and shimmy. However, the
massive amounts of praise Britney’s getting for this particular method
of comeback means that she’s going to keep going this way for the
foreseeable future, regardless of the toll it takes on her psyche.


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