Is she Australia's most stylish woman?

Never heard of Christine Centenera?

She’s Australian Harper’s Bazaar fashion editor and she KNOWS HER FASHION. At the start of her career, she worked with our Publisher Mia Freedman at Cosmo as a marketing assistant. Mia says “She always had incredible style. One of those people who is just always immaculately put together and always wears her fashion, never lets it wear her.”

Here’s what editor Paula Joye has to say about Christine Centenera:

It’s no coincidence that Fashion Editor of Harpers Bazaar, Christine Centenera shares initials with fashion icon (Coco Chanel) – because she’s fast on the way to becoming one herself. I used to work with Christine and everyday – without fail – she brings it. I’ve joked with her that she looks like she’s just stepped out of a video clip and all that’s missing is a wind machine. But it’s not really a joke. She does look THAT put together. Truly a joy to watch and chic to the tip of her toes.

Check out her style yourself here:

Christine brought it all the way to Paris last week for Kanye West’s debut womenswear show at Paris Fashion Week. And she wasn’t just there to observe. Christine – who is the girlfriend of designer Josh Goot – has been flying to Paris and London fortnightly consulting with West on his range after he sought her out to work with him, having seen her pictures on the internet where she constantly appears in street style blogs.

The SMH reports:

Just how intense the fashionista’s involvement had been was evident on the catwalk. The whole collection smacked of Centenera’s signature style, a mix of sport-luxe and amped up glamour that has seen the editor become something of a street style sensation.

Guests at West’s show included the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Anna Wintour and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. And the show itself? It was a mix of skin, leather and lots of fur. And the reviews were mixed.

And from the SMH again:

A regular at the shows for several years now, the sincerity of West’s fascination with fashion is undoubtable. His fan-boy status, huge well of resources and army of collaborators meant that expectations for the debut were set very high.

But critics agreed on one point: the collection shows promise. Forthcoming seasons should be well-attended with many fashion commentators tweeting their curiosity about West’s next move.

From the New York Times:

His show was described by those who attended as, at best, a disappointment, and yet the rapper could be found almost everywhere during Paris Fashion Week defending himself.

What was most confounding about Mr. West’s behavior, after years of obsessive study of the industry, was that he demonstrated very little understanding of how he might actually be perceived by retailers and editors who have a vast amount of experience at detecting utter nonsense.

From People Magazine:

Wall Street Journal columnist Christina Binkley wrote that the show was at time “painful,” and recalled the Flinstones when referencing one particular breastplate. And though she “liked the perforated black leather” seen on several garments, she didn’t love the way it was used. “A vast quantity of luxury materials can’t blind people to a lack of creative marksmanship,” she wrote.

Take a look at some images from Kanye’s show. What do you think?

For the record – it’s Mamamia editorial policy not to post pictures of fur, thus we’ve made a decision not to post any images of the fur featured in West’s show. And we’re very disappointed that fur was included at all in the range. UGH.