We're calling it: The Voice won't be back after this season.

When it first hit our screens, The Voice was clocking up over 3.2 million viewers for it’s final few episodes. Now? Not so much.

The reality talent competition is in its final stages – yeah, we’re surprised too – and it seems the country has fallen out of love with the format, with episodes barely making the magic million mark in the ratings.

Our coaches are smoking! ???????? #TheVoiceAu

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Is it because no-one cares anymore?

Laura Brodnik and Monique Bowley discuss why they think The Voice is over on The Binge…

After 15 years of talent shows gracing our screens (remember when we were all obsessed with Australian Idol and Guy Sebastian?), the soppy back stories and infighting between the judges has us tired.

Case in point: watch Jessie J fighting with Madden Brothers. Post continues after video…

Video via Channel 9

It seems it’s less about the talent and more about promoting the judges and their new album/single/relationship/clothing line than it is about creating a superstar. Seriously, though, can you name a successful Voice graduate? It’s hard to root for the contestants of a show when you don’t have a great deal of faith they will grace the stage of Eurovision next year (DAMI IM 4 EVA).

Even The Voice judges appear to know the end is near: Jessie J revealed she won’t be returning to the show next season, saying it was time for her to “get back to her music”. “I love singing, I love to sing, it makes me feel present, it makes me feel alive, it makes me feel just myself,’’ she said. And the Madden Brothers – Joel and Benji – mysteriously disappeared halfway through the 2016 season (if only for a time), having to be replaced by fellow twins The Veronicas. If they can’t stick around to see the whole season, why should we?