Attention curly haired women: Hannah's hair disaster is a cautionary tale for us all.

Anyone with curly hair can relate to the pure hot hell that comes with trying to straighten it.

Firstly, the time. It’s like years pass before your hair resembles anything other than a wild mane. Then there’s the arm and back pain. The sweat from holding a hot tool so close to your scalp. The… resistance. The likelihood that as soon as you step out the door, there’ll be a skerrick of humidity and BONG – you’re right back to where you started.

Curly haired YouTuber, Hannah Forcier, unfortunately knows the pain all too well. Only when she tried to find another way to make her freshly-dyed blonde hair sleek and straight – chemical relaxer – it became the biggest beauty mistake she’s ever made.

It made her hair fall out into the shower drain. Entirely.

“My hair is naturally curly, and I would straighten my hair every day to get it to look how I liked,” the vlogger told Allure about her ordeal, adding she didn’t realise her hair would be so weakened already by peroxide and bleaching agents.

“I truly thought I was doing the best thing for my hair.”

Relaxers are intense chemical treatments that many tight-curl owners will be familiar with: they are often used to permanently straighten hair in professional salons, but some can be purchased more cheaply from chemists.

Although Hannah followed the instructions perfectly, what unravelled was a disaster. The moment water touched her scalp in the shower, she knew something was wrong.

“I could feel my hair coming out and going down my back, and you could hear it splashing in the water,” she told her 132,000 followers in her now viral video, which has been viewed in excess of 5,000,000 times.

One month on, the beauty fanatic is coming to terms with her new hair, telling Allure: “I am working on emotionally getting to the point where I am able to look at my hair and see a new beginning… My hair is now just hair and nothing more.”

As for relaxer? We recommend you avoid it – unless under the trained eye of a hair professional.

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