Kylie Jenner just tweeted about 'cooking' so naturally everyone's convinced she's pregnant.

Ever since Kris Kylie Jenner attempted to hoodwink us with her first pregnancy a little under a year ago, speculating that she’s pregnant again has seemingly become a new favourite game for fans.

Because occupying our time with the affairs of glamorous celebrities who have nothing to do with our lives is fun and distracts us from our regular-person problems, that’s why.

It appears, however, that Kylie may have caught on to the swirling rumours about her second, totally made up, child.

She’s resorted to using said rumour as a device to tease fans on Twitter, and honestly, the whole thing reeks of Kris.


Yesterday, the reality star tweeted that she’s got something “cooking”, which naturally had the gloriously nosy people of the internet convinced it was a bun in the oven.

We see where they might be coming from, but you’d also think they would have… learnt by now.

We also feel it should be pointed out that calling a baby a “project” is… a little unusual, but that didn’t stop the frenzied tweets:



Others – who have obviously been burnt by a Kardashian-Jenner build-up before (*cough* Proactiv *cough*), thought the hint was likely to do with her makeup line, or some sort of collaboration with her rapper partner Travis Scott. (Or, as the last tweet suggests… both).



But one aggrieved Twitter user was NOT HAVING A BAR of another Kris Jenner PR trap:

I really hope you don’t tell us that you have a bad skin pic.twitter.com/zU7H3X6yez

— LulamaG (@LulamaG3) January 21, 2019

We feel you buddy, we really do.

We also haven’t the foggiest what “project” she’s “cooking”.

A… cake?

Some sort of revenge plot against the egg that recently beat her Instagram-likes record?


Time will tell.

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