The Game of Thrones fan theory that no one wants to believe is true.

There is a flurry of Game of Thrones fan theories floating around the internet, but few are as compelling as one that suggests the downfall of on our favourite leading females.

So, if you’re not up to date with the series… Firstly, hurry up because you’re missing out on some seriously good sh*t. Secondly, quit reading because SPOILERS ARE COMING.


Many fans believe Daenerys is destined to become the Mad Queen much like her father, Aerys Targaryen the Mad King.

But this theory turns that on its head, instead suggesting fellow female badass Cersei Lannister will actually be the Mad Queen.

It’s thought that Cersei will descend into madness and set off on a mission to destroy King’s Landing with wildfire — the dangerous, volatile substance that explodes and burns with green flames that can’t be extinguished with water, only a lot of sand.

It’s then proposed that her twin brother Jaime will kill her just like he did the Mad King, earning him the title ‘Kingslayer’. At this point he will either die in the wildfire or take his own life.

Jaime Lannister slaying the Mad King is a flashback in Bran's vision.

This theory has legs, and here's the evidence backing it up.

There are two events that either together or individually could send Cersei over the edge.

First, we've got to jump back to the prophecy Cersei received from Maggy the Frog in her childhood - we saw this in a flashback in season five. A lot of juicy stuff was predicted that has already since happened, but here are the key points we need to take note of here.

There's the line that her three children will wear gold crowns, and gold shrouds, indicating Cersei will watch her three children die. Joffrey and Myrcells are already dead. Tommen is alive, but many believe not for much longer.

In the books, Cersei is also told the Valonqar (High Valyrian for 'little brother') will wrap his hands around her throat and choke the life from her. This could be Tyrion. But it could also be Jaime, who is technically her younger brother by a smidgen.

These two strands of the prophecy are the only ones yet to be fulfilled.

The death of Cersei's son King Tommen, believed to be imminent, could very likely plunge her into madness. Fans believe he will be poisoned like his siblings.


Pair this with the fact she can no longer beat the Faith in a trial by combat strong with the super-charged Moutain.

The alliance between Tommen and the High Sparrow has led to a ban on all such trials, meaning her fate will instead be decided by the seven septons.


She is likely to be deemed guilty and given a death sentence. Knowing our Cersei, she won't handle that well at all.

Bran's vision depicts exploding wildfire.

We know that wildfire remains hidden in caches all over the city. It was reaveled a while back that the Mad King had done this.

It was also Cersei who commanded pyromancers to keep producing wildfire back in season two, as discovered by Tyrion before the Battle of Blackwater.

Cersei has the power to use wildfire for deadly purposes should she choose to.

And Bran Stark's recent vision indicates it will be unleashed at some stage with pyromanchers seen working on wildfire and an image of green flames exploding.

Daenerys wanders through a ravaged throne room in her vision. 

What's more, the obliteration of King's Landing  has been hinted at since the second season. One of Daenerys' visions while in the House of the Undying was of a burnt out throne room.

Should Cersei become distressed enough to trigger a mental breakdown, she could be the one to release the deadly wildfire.

Fans believe the bond between Cersei and Jaime may come to a tragic end.

Jaime has already once gone to great lengths to save the city from wildfire when he slayed the Mad King.

The theory goes that Jaime will be faced with the same situation, only this time with the woman he loves, Cersei the Mad Queen. He will be forced to kill her in an effort to once again save King's Landing from doom.

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Whether or not he is successful in rescuing the city is unknown, but it's thought he will either perish in the flames or take his own life to die beside his beloved sister.

The intense, incestuous love between Jaime and Cersei has been a cornerstone of the Game of Thrones plot line, and it would be only fitting for it should come full circle in the most dramatic way. Time will tell.

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