Don't freak out now but Cameron Cranley may or may not be the next Bachelor.


Wow, OK. Sorry. Let’s just dial things down a notch and continue, shall we?

Rumours are floating around The Internet that former Bachelorette contestant, Cameron Cranley could be coming back to find love on 2018’s The Bachelor.

Could being the operative word here. Oh, and rumours. These are rumours. But let’s take a closer look.

The 27-year-old firefighter from Perth who was rejected by Georgia Love in 2016 is Australia’s number one candidate for the top job, New Idea reported on Monday.

And if the whispers are anything to go by (which often they aren’t, but let’s pretend they are), this year’s season could be a family affair, with Cranley bringing his “hot younger brother” Kyle along to find a girlfriend too.

World, meet Kyle.


According to an unnamed “insider”, the Cranley brothers’ rumoured upcoming roles as The Bachelor(s) was “the talk of the Portsea Polo“, the ritzy Victorian event where all the ex-Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants and our Aussie celebs got dressed up and socialised next to some people playing polo.

“Cam is so popular and still single so it would be an obvious choice to have him on Bachelor In Paradise. His absence from that could only mean he was getting the top job,” the insider continued.

To this insider’s credit, they’ve got a fair point. Cranley’s absence from the Bachelor In Paradise lineup is somewhat suspicious. Which makes this whole idea of him and his brother finding love together on The Bachelor equal parts utterly preposterous and completely logical.

So like we said, don’t start freaking out just yet. Neither of the Cranleys, or Network Ten have confirmed anything.

But if you or someone you know really loves puppies and coincidentally is single, you might want to forward them The Bachelor 2018 application form. Just in case.

LISTEN: We put forward the case for fresh blood on The Bachelor instead of old contestants, on our pop culture podcast. Post continues after audio.


Mamamia has reached out for Ten for comment.

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