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GROUP THERAPY: Is it cheating if your husband gets a happy ending massage?

A reader needs your help.

Once upon a time, Mamamia had ran a regular post called ‘Group Therapy.’ Often we would find women were coming to us with dilemmas they couldn’t solve alone. They want input from other readers on problems to do with work, relationships or life in general.

Anyway, today we’re bringing that post back. We received this email overnight and thought there was no one better to help this Mamamia read solve this dilemma than the Mamamia readers. You may have been in the same situation. You may know someone who has been. You might have a strong opinion on the subject – or you might think it doesn’t matter either way.

She writes:

I just found out my partner of eight years has been visiting a massage lady for the past two years, every couple of months. He told me she was a genuine legitimate massage person and the first time he got just a massage. The next time she offered him a happy ending for an extra charge and then was doing them topless after that.

I found this out by checking his phone and was horrified and have since split with him. But after talking to others apparently this is quite common and a lot of men don’t count it as cheating?

I was wondering what other readers would think about this because I have had mixed reactions from both men and women about it. Apparently for some men it’s just like us women getting our hair done and lots of men out there are doing this.

Would love to see what others think of this – I feel also that if this is true it gives the qualified masseurs a bad name.

– Anonymous

Is having a happy ending massage cheating? What would you do in the same situation? Do you have any advice for Anonymous?

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