Five brilliant ways for you to iron your clothes without even using an iron.

I HATE ironing. The whole process of ironing is so annoying. Setting up the board, laying the item of clothing out just so, and packing it all up… Who has the time?

To make your clothes wrinkle-free without an iron, here’s what you need to do.

1. Use your straightener

According to PureWow, your hair straightener is just as effective. Set the temperature and make sure it isn’t too hot. Then, it’s really just as easy as straightening your hair—and you can get into the little corners of your shirts and collars, too. Just make sure there are no stray hairs on your straightener.

Pro tip: Don’t be like Mariah and reverse the situation.

2. Use your hairdryer

Another thing you can do is blow-dry your clothes with a hairdryer. Just aim it about 10 centimetres away from your clothes on a low heat. You can even do this while your clothes are already on.

3. Use water: in a bottle

If you have a spray bottle, fill it up with water and spray the wrinkled areas of your clothes before hanging them up. So simple.

4. Use water: in the shower

One of the easiest, travel-friendly ironing techniques is hanging up your clothes in the bathroom while taking a hot shower. The steam will iron out the wrinkles, but just make sure to hang the garment up in another room after.

5. Use ice cubes

Lifehacker suggests throwing some ice cubes in your dryer if you want your clothes to come out wrinkle-free. Just make sure not to use too many, and only on a light load.

Having ironed clothes is the perfect way to show the world you are not a garbage human. And with these tips, it no longer has to be an annoying chore.