Six hacks to help you save storage on your phone.

No more ‘cannot take photo’ moments.

Those of us who own an iPhone know all too well that awful pop up that says ‘storage full’. It always happens when at the exact moment you really need to take that photo or it will never be recorded properly.

The heart palpitations begin and you have no idea how you can create more room on your phone, without deleting some other ever precious photos (out of your 1,627 pics).

You either delete something immediately or you risk not getting a snap of the very moment you're experiencing now. It's a tough decision to make, but you don't have to make it anymore. We're letting you in on six hacks that can save your phone storage - straight away.

1. Delete old voicemails.

Go to the list of your voicemails, choose all of the ones you don't need (probably all of them) and then delete.

2. Delete those text threads.

Go in to your message inbox. Press edit. Hit the red circle next to the message you want to delete and then press delete.


3. Clear your browser history.

Go to your settings app tab. Press on Safari. Press on, 'clear cookies and data'. Confirm the deletion.

4. Stop saving your Instagram photos automatically.

Open your Instagram app. Press the gear symbol in the top right of your screen, scroll down and turn off 'Save Original Photos'.

5. Close Safari tabs.

When you see all the tabs in your Safari browser open, go through and close them all.

6. Stop saving Whatsapp pictures automatically.

Go in to your settings. Press Privacy. Press photos, then scroll down and turn off Whatsapp (and any other app you don't want to automatically save images from).

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How do you save your phone storage?

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