How to make your iPhone faster in five seconds.

Got an iPhone? Allow us to introduce you to one insanely simple hack you’ll wish you knew about years ago.

iPhone enthusiast Marc Forrest is the genius behind the trick that will speed up your iPhone without needing to turn it on and off to reset it.

iphone hack
Image via iStock.

He took to Twitter to share his findings, tweeting:

“Awesome #iOSTip to clear RAM memory...Hold down power button till slide to power comes up then hold in home button till app screen appears.”

Before and after. Images supplied.

Allow us to walk you through step by step:

1. Unlock your phone so your home screen is visible.

2. Press power until ‘Slide to Power Off’ is seen.

3. Let go and press the Home button for five seconds until it returns to the app screen.

4. Voilà - iPhone memory refreshed.

You're welcome.

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