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The 6 surprising iPhone hacks we had no idea about.

A wise woman once said, “tap the bottom of your home screen to swipe next without physically swiping.”

Okay. Maybe the “wise woman” was actually just a purple-shirted retail worker at the Bondi Junction Apple store.

But she was wise, dear reader, and she knew that despite it never leaving my hand, I knew nothing about my own phone.

In case you missed it, phones are absolutely NOT for phone calls. Post continues below. 

It turns out there are a whole host of unknown hacks offered to iPhone users to make their lives just that little bit easier.

The video playing above lists some of our favourite tips and tricks. including: how to immediately scroll to the top of a page, how to personalise your vibration settings (no, really) and how to close multiple windows at once.

We can’t promise your life will be forever changed but we can guarantee a few seconds saved each and every time.

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