All hail the invisibobble!

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There are hair ties and then there is the invisibobble. That’s how I’ve been looking at life since I received my very own magical hair tie yesterday afternoon. In fact, I’m going to call it: this is the best thing for your head since dry shampoo.

The invisibobble – $10.95 for three – is a ring for your hair; essentially a hair tie. But unlike a regular hair tie, the invisibobble doesn’t leave kinks in your hair. Which is especially important if, like me, you’ve succumbed to the recent bob trend and have to put your short hair in a very tiny ponytail.

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And they are rather addictive. Instead of reaching for my hair tie I’ve started reaching for my invisibobble. I’ve got one on my wrist, one in my handbag and one in my hair. (I’d actually like those back, Elissa – The Ed)

Elissa with her invisibobbles


Unlike normal hair ties, the invisibobbles don't dig into the back of your head when you sleep, or leave you with a headache. They blend in, go with the flow.

Here's Mamamia's Senior Editor Lucy trying one out. It's giving her ponytail a lot of lift:

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You can create strong thick buns with these little  buggers – here's our Editor in Chief Jamila, owner of glorious thick long hair (she's preggers), using one this morning:

So you can see that while the naked invisibobble doesn't necessarily look sophisticated, once in your hair it flies under the cover of darkness. Unlike its ancestor, the scrunchie...