A "horrific" NSW puppy farm is seeking permission to breed more dogs.


Warning some people might find the images in this post distressing.

The owners of an illegal NSW puppy farm where “bodies of dead dogs were left to rot” are seeking approval from the local council to breed up to 300 puppies a year — the communtity is having none of it.

The farm in Inverell was raided by the RSPCA in January after animal rights group Oscar’s Law, tipped them off to the “horrific” conditions inside the facility.

“There were bodies of dead dogs scattered around the property, with one of them being placed inside a dog food bag and left to rot, and all of the other dogs were living in appalling conditions,” the group wrote in an online petition to stop the farm, which has already garnered more than 66,000 signatures.

Inverell puppy farm 2 720x547
The body of a puppy that was discovered on the farm. Image: Oscar’s Law.

According to Oscar’s Law, the conditions on the farm have not changed, despite the intervention by the RSPCA.

“There is no plumbing or easily accessible water, the dogs are living in dirt pens in filth, and they are not complying with the code of practice,” they wrote.

“When one of the councillors asked how many dogs were on the puppy factory, the owners didn’t even know.”

The Gwydir Shire Council were planning to consider the proposal at their meeting next Thursday, but have now deferred the decision in order to investigate the facility further.

A spokesperson from Oscar’s Law told Mamamia that the group is currently seeking legal advice to so that they can provide the best possible case for the council to reject the permit.

“We’re hoping to show the shire council that there is huge public opposition to puppy factories,” spokesperson Debra Tranter said.

“We want to let them know that they are in the ideal position to reject this proposal and lead the way by listening to community concerns.”

The ACT was the first state to ban puppies farms in March this year, hopefully other states will follow suit.

You can find out more and sign the petition here.