An interview with a professional exorcist.

We’d only exchanged a couple of emails, when out of no where exorcist Michael Peters sent me this email:

“I know you have experienced something spiritual before – around your early teen years.”

Instantly, I felt a cold sensation creep down my spine.

I started to trawl through my memory, concocting noises, imagining footprints…There was the time that door slammed shut, without reason. The night the lights above my head flickered on…and off. That morning on the train when the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, for no particular reason.

He continued, “You have more questions than answers.”

Well, there was no doubt in my mind that this was true. Not just of me, but of many people – believers and sceptics alike.

So, I did what any open-minded writer would do – I asked Michael to answer all my burning questions about his unusual line of work.

This is what he had to say.

1. Tell me about how you became an exorcist.

When I was 24 I was introduced by an army friend to Freemasonry (Freemasons). I was then sent to Israel where I unknowingly started to do consultancy work for Mossad, alongside a psychiatrist.

During this time, I was attacked spiritually and this happening lead to the path of becoming an Exorcist.

2. Are you ever scared?

I’m not scared. I’m petrified. But with prayer and meditation I have risen to the occasion.


I must mention that without the support of the people around me and the love of families with spiritually attacked members I would have quit long ago.

3. Do you deal with ghosts? Demons? Spirits? Or something else entirely?

The Catholics claim to be the leaders in this topic. They state that there are only fallen angels (demons) and souls (ghosts) trapped on earth.

For me? All in all, I believe we are dealing with a supreme being, something that is highly intelligent and manipulative. It feeds on high-energy emotions such as fear and anger, it is a parasite, feeding off its host – the human body.

4. Why are demons here? And what do they want from us?

Demons are not here to be your friend. They are here to overtake you and feed on you. They are rebels who lost a civil war in heaven. They have no place but earth.

5. Can a place be possessed? Or just a person?

The majority of the time it is a place or object that is possessed.

6. Do heads spin, bodies fly and mouths speak in tongues, as Hollywood likes to show?

I have yet to see heads spin or bodies fly. Hollywood movies have the ability to empower demonic possession through fear mongering. Remember, fear alone empowers the demon.

interview with an exorcist
Demonic possession seems to take one standard form in Hollywood films. Image via Tumblr.

7. Would you say that some people more attuned to ghosts and spirits than others?

Yes, women and children are the most susceptible, the most vulnerable.

8. Is there one scary experience that stands out in your memory?

I was once left alone with a woman who was well known within the Hells Angels outlaw motorcycle club. Her name was Chantelle* and it is believed she had stabbed two of her previous boyfriends.

Every time I would approach her, she would vomit. To make matters worse she was vomiting a substance that looked like semen – she even said it tasted like semen.

I felt this scenario was a test for me. Deep down I hated bikies, they choose an evil lifestyle. But I had to put all that discrimination aside and look at her as a victim that needed help. I could of gone down the holy-water-bible-bashing-path, but I didn’t. Instead, I said to her, “I feel a very powerful energy coming from you.”


Suddenly, she started to stand differently. It was as if a man had entered her body. She said menacingly, “Start your exorcism.”


If I started an exorcism I knew I would loose. It, ‘the demon,’ was prepared against me. Instead I said, “I’m going home to pray for you Chantelle. We shall meet up soon to see how you are doing.”

The next day sitting in my lounge room, around sunset, I saw a child staring at me through the reflection of a French door. The child’s exposed skin then turned into dark rotten flesh. At that very moment Chantelle messaged me saying only, “Are you trying to avoid me?”

I had an unmistakable feeling that this child was Chantelle’s. I called with her and asked her to rethink her lifestyle choices, for the sake of her child.

I don’t know what happened to them. I believe she vowed to leave the bikie gang way of life. I see so much pain and suffering, I just don’t have the strength or energy to keep track of everyone.

9. What would you say to any skeptics out there?

Today, there are still people that don’t believe smoking causes cancer and others that believe climate change is a myth. Need I say more?

10. Any final comments?

Please stay away from Ouija boards.

*Certain names have been changed for privacy reasons. 

Over to you, are you a believer or a sceptic?