VIDEO: "What my mum taught me about being a woman"

BY MIA FREEDMAN I’ve written a number of times about my mother and the way I was raised to be a feminist without even realising it. I feel like I have to justify that word and say “No wait! Don’t go! Keep reading! This isn’t boring!” because it’s not.

Instead of writing about it more, I decided to bring back an old Mamamia tradition and sit down on the floor with my Mum this week and interview her for International Women’s Day. She was absolutely terrified and it took much coaxing. She is very shy and not a fan of the limelight (unlike her show-off daughter).

When I called her yesterday to tell her how great the video turned out and how much the Mamamia team loved it, she said she’d been expecting me to call and say the camera hadn’t recorded properly and the post wasn’t going ahead – a way to spare her feelings because she was so sure it would have been too terrible to use on Mamamia. Not quite. Take a look and leave a comment about your own mum, the women who’ve helped define you as a woman or any aspect of what we discuss…..

1. “I wanted my father’s life not my mother’s”

2. The insane situation with contraception, marriage and divorce in the 60s

3. Why Germaine Greer was SOOOO important.

4. So what was with the hairy armpits?

5. What’s a feminist anyway?

6. How to raise little girls to be strong women.

Who were the major influences on your identity as a woman growing up? And what did they teach you? Do you describe yourself as a feminist? What does the word even mean to you?