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An Instagram war breaks out in Bachelorland.

#TeamSam vs #TeamLouise

It’s like Angelina and Jen all over again.

Last week, #TeamLouise put up pics of her holiday in Thailand with Bachie Blake (#dirtystreetThaipie). Nothing says love like a collage.

Now, #TeamSam has shown that she is Moving On, by posing in bathrobe pics with fellow former Bachelorette, Zoe, in their own chocolate-coated lady pad.

Apparently Zoe surprised Sam with a quiet, relaxing night in. Just the two of them And their tens of thousands of followers on Instagram.

Zoe posted her pic of the night with a quote: “She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her away she adjusted her sails and sailed forward with her life” (plus a series of hashtags that are longer than this post).

Sam responded to this kind gesture with her own Insta post.

Which was more or less the same but without a poem. We admire #TeamSam’s consistency.

Zoe posted another bathrobe pic the next day, because the friends that scrub together, stay together.

On Saturday, #TeamLouise rolled out Blake’s mum, Andrea, who Popsugar says commented on Louise and Blake’s holiday snaps to welcome Louise to the clan: “We are privileged to welcome the beautiful, loving and genuine person who is Louise into our family.” The comment has since been deleted. It’s not a poem, but it’s still nice.

#TeamSam may also be moving on by finding love with some new reality tv dudes. Zoe has already given The Voice star Sam Ludeman a rose. Now The Daily Mail is reporting that Sam was getting handsy with Masterchef’s Dan Churchill at Who’s Sexiest People Party.

“All of a sudden I’m known and have no idea what to do”

And finally, according to the Daily Telegraph, Sam is getting sick of managing all her own popularity and has written to a publicist because “all of a sudden I’m known and have no idea what to do”. Being famous is *hard*, so Sam is looking for help so that she “doesn’t miss out on things.

It’s not a bad idea. When you’re into your 14th minute of fame, it probably does pay to get some help.