Look: These unusual hipster-types are tattooing instagram photos on their arms.

If you were ever worried that you weren’t scrolling through your Instagram feed enough or showing your life off often enough to the world. Stop panicking – your solution is here.

We love Instagram because we love the images of ourselves and our lives to be perfect, blissful and heavily, heavily filtered.

So what if I told you that you can now get those perfectly cropped images of what you’re eating, what your duck face looks like and what your pet is doing tattooed on to you skin?

Because, you can. You can look like this:

Cat’s for life? Image credit: @picattoonyou Instagram.

A web interface for Instagram – INK361 has begun a new service called Picattoo, which is a program where you can choose any photo from your Instagram account and get it turned in to an incredibly legible temporary tattoo.

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The process is simple. You make your choice and order your images online. You then wait for them to arrive and go gang busters sticking filtered images of inspirational quotes, sunsets, selfies, babies, dogs and cats all over your body.

Even babies are getting in on it…

Now they can look at themselves all day. Image credit: @picattoonyou Instagram.

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Just think of the endless possibilities…

Show off all the excellent places you’ve travelled to…

Relive those memories. Photo credit: @picattoonyou Instagram.

Flaunt your superior photography skills…

True art. Image credit: @picattoonyou Insatgram.

So – would you get an insta-tatt?

What would you get? Best Instagram shot ever? We want to see it.