Her "unrealistic" curves made Raylynn an Instagram sensation. But no one believes they're real.

A popular body positive Instagram star has hit back at those who claim her body isn’t real. The woman, known only as Raylynn, posts images of her unconventional body shape to her over 130,000 followers, receiving mixed responses.

While a number of her followers describe her as inspirational, others are adamant that her shape simply cannot be real, and still others mock and criticise her body.

Most of the controversy stems from Raylynn’s particularly curvy butt – which at 70 inches, is a stark contrast to her narrow waist and shoulders.

…Are u coming too bed baby?????☁ See video on my connectpal. #Link in bio

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In response to claims that she photoshops her body for Instagram, the young mother-of-one has recently uploaded a video to prove that her butt is unequivocally real. The clip, which has been viewed more than 150,000 times, begins with her walking away from the camera, showing her butt through tight yoga pants.

She then dances and shakes to show that her body moves – and that her curvy bum isn’t the work of digital modification.

The caption reads, ‘Ya’ll asked for it’, followed by the hashtags #bodypositive #thick and #bigbootyproblems.


Indeed, Raylynn does appear to carry most of her weight around her hips and butt. As many of her followers point out, however, these proportions might be the result of a medical condition known as lymphoedema, which causes localised fluid retention.  For the Instagram star, other symptoms might include pins and needles, aching, painful joints, and the skin feeling hotter than other parts of the body.

Of course, we can’t know for sure whether Raylynn suffers from lymphoedema. The Instagrammer has yet to confirm whether her shape is due to a health issue, and in the meantime, continues to post messages about embracing your body regardless of its size. She also maintains a sense of humour about her body shape, and refers to herself as a PAWG (a phat ass white girl).

And her unconventional butt seems to be paying off, with the star offering fans exclusive access to more photos and videos of her for US$12 a month.