Behind every cute photo, there is a long-suffering Instagram Husband.

A moments silence for these long-suffering men.

You know when you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, and you see those photos…

There’s a girl, probably in ripped-jeans, and likely standing in front of a brick wall.


She’s moody. Pensive. You double tap to ‘like the photo’. But do you ever stop to ask yourself- ‘Who took this photograph?’

Chances are it was an Instagram Husband.

Introducing: The Instagram Husband:

They are the un-sung heroes of brunch.

Letting their eggs go cold so you can get the angle that perfectly encompasses the cafe’s industrial-chic decor, while simultaneously allowing you to humble brag that you picked the Quinoa Porridge over the Pulled Pork Eggs Benny.

They are the men, putting their lives at risk by standing in the middle of traffic so you can capture your whimsical wander-lust with the perfect photo of your feet.

They deserve your recognition.

Via The Mystery Hour.