Why everyone is angry about "Instagram eyebrows."

Image via iStock. 

I should start this article by saying that I am an unabashed makeup lover.

I’m obsessed with following makeup artists that have found their fame on Instagram, and though I don’t place THAT much makeup on my face daily (though I do come kinda close), I do admire their talent. It takes skill to craft a face with colour fades fit for a tattoo parlour.

But I guess with anything that has a surging and worldwide popularity, like makeup on Instagram, there’s eventually going to be a bit of backlash.

Makeup artist Wayne Goss has a YouTube following that’s 1.8 million strong, and he’s done so well for himself that he’s now contributor on NY Mag’s The Cut. (Bible territory, guys.)

Wayne hates the Instabrow, especially when they’re ombre. Take a look:

If you don’t have time to watch the video, here’s an example of the type of brows that frighten him:

In the video he references big gun makeup artists Laura Mercier, Charlotte Tilbury (She’s done all the stars, and the runways) and Francois Nars (brains behind Nars cosmetics, available in Mecca Cosmetica), saying they wouldn’t ever do such a “drag makeup” style brow.

Personally, I think makeup lovers (generally women who work on a beauty counter or are just makeup obsessed) don’t try to emulate what these backstage makeup artists do, they like to blaze their own path based on their own ideals of beauty.

Of course Dior’s backstage makeup artist is going to be all like, “Oh, we were going for that no makeup look, like the model just stepped out from under a waterfall.”

But it doesn’t mean that Instagram obsessed makeup artists need to follow suit and #selfie themselves looking like a wet rat.

And though many fall short of the mark, like those in the gallery below, I still think it’s great that they’re into something and giving it a good ol’ shot.

And actually, I think some of them look good. Is that wrong?

Do you like the ombre brow trend?