This 2-year-old is actually the funniest person on Instagram.





“My world. My perspective. My very full diaper.”

It’s with those words we are brought into the world of insta2yearold – the sassiest toddler on Instagram.

The insta2yearold (Harlow in real life) can’t even deal with her parents. She can’t handle basic people. And she has a killer talent for telling it like it is. Take a look:






Okay, so, technically, the account is run by Harlow’s mum Ilana Wiles, who’s a bit internet famous for her website Mommy Shorts. But that just seems like a detail that ruins the all the fun, doesn’t it?

Yeah, let’s pretend Harlow’s mum has nothing to do with this. It’s far more satisfying to picture a 2-year-old coming up with funny captions like these: