Those stick-on bras you're seeing all over Instagram aren't as user friendly as you think.

By now you’ve probably seen ads for stick-on lace-up bras pop up in your Facebook or Instagram feed.

Skepticism over how well they’re actually going to stay in place aside, the bras look simple enough to use and unlikely to cause harm.

So it might surprise you to learn that these undergarments can actually cause incredibly painful-looking injuries, according to Instagram users.

US woman Emily shared a video of her breasts after taking off an Insta Curve “magical push-up bra” as per the instructions provided to her.

The result was a red rash with blisters, which Emily suspects came from the adhesive used in the product.

Emily warned followers against buying the bras, particularly when the company’s response to her complaints were so outrageous.

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“I bought the “instagram bra” at the @instacurve_ kiosk at Cherry Hill Mall in Jersey and when I tried to take it off it ripped my skin and caused a row of blisters on both my breasts,” she wrote on Instagram

“I called their support centre and they had they audacity to say I should probably be more careful the next time I take the bra off.

“I asked for a refund and they said there was absolutely nothing they could do.”

Emily told her followers she intends to sue the company.

Meanwhile a friend of hers, Nicole Angemi, shared the video on her own account, saying she had received “multiple complaints” about the bras.

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“Several other women are having the same issue with the adhesive used in this bra which is leaving severe patterned contusions, blistering and pain requiring medical treatment.”

Commenters on both posts shared their own painful experiences using the products.

“Yep I got bruises from this bra and the pain of getting it off was so horrible. This bra is a nightmare,” wrote one follower.

Insta Curve, who also sell waist-trainers and something called “butt enhancer cream”, state on their website that they do not accept refunds and only offer exchanges or store credit.