10 women who'd make getting stuck in a lift far more enjoyable.

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Getting stuck in a lift is not ideal – in fact, it’s many people’s worst nightmare.

But there’s no denying that the experience could be make a little more tolerable if you were stuck with the right people. Say, Oprah Winfrey for example. Sounds almost enticing now, doesn’t it?

Just so we’re prepared if the situation should ever arise (some say delusional, we say, ahem, organised), here are the 10 women the Mamamia team wouldn’t mind hours yakking away with in a stalled lift. Who would you choose?

1.Oprah Winfrey.

Honestly, wouldn’t anyone? The powerhouse would not only deliver words of wisdom and lift our spirits, she could give us all tips on building our OWN empires. Plus, who knows what free gifts she’d have up her sleeve?

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2. Emma Watson.

UN Ambassador, actress and sustainable and ethical fashion advocate... we could pick Emma Watson's brain for hours about her passions and all the incredible work she's done. To be fair, stuck in a lift with us she probably wouldn't have much choice!

3. Turia Pitt.

If there was ever a true inspiration, pillar of resilience, strength and beauty, it's Turia Pitt. Following 200 operations after she was caught in a bush fire, our favourite local hero has gone on to do incredible things, including completing an Ironman triathlon. Just wow.


4. Zoe Foster Blake.

As a beauty guru, bestselling author and entrepeneur, Zoe Foster Blake is a woman lots of us look up to. We'd ask her to solve all our beauty dilemmas... then of course request a cheeky look in her makeup bag.

I’m sleazing and waddling my way to the Logies next weekend, an event I like to exploit to get my skin looking whatever level is above 'retouched.' I’ve been having regular Omnilux (LED lamp) sessions and lactic peels with Face Boss @melaniegrantdbc for a while to keep pregnancy pigmentation in check, but this week I tried dermaplaning (professional face-shaving of the tiny fine face hairs with a single blade) for the first time, because it’s the kind of thing people like you think beauty-writer people like me, do. Dermaplaning (around $100) is exfoliating, brightening, skin-tone-evening, non-inflammatory (so: great for pigmentation sufferers) helps skin care penetrate better, and makes your skin freakishly smooth (because, um, it’s hairless), meaning your makeup will sit PERFECTLY. Just ask any beauty vlogger worth his or her bronzer: they’re mad for a Japanese Facial Razor or 12. The first question I asked my bud Brooke at @meskinandbody was: will my facial hair grow back worse/coarse? "No. It will not change the number or texture of the hair follicles.” Second: will this hurt? “No." And it didn’t. (Unlike threading, or waxing, or laser.) Third was: Do you have some butter for my hot cross bun? (Brought one in my bag.) Few days on and I'm a luminous, bright, fuzz-free, smooth-skinned slice of facey cherry pie, and I’m juuust modest enough to admit it. Plus, my makeup looks like incredible. Like it's in HD. Long may it continue! (Six weeks, apparently.) Or at least til next Sunday! My earring is stuck to my face in this photo! Faceshaving for Gold! ????

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5. Serena Williams.

Whether we're talented at sport or can barely throw a ball, we all look up to Williams in utter awe. Not surprising, given it's just been confirmed she won the Australian Open (her 23rd Grand Slam, FYI) while pregnant. A few hours in the lift should surely be enough for her to teach us to do a half-decent swing.

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6. JK Rowling.

What better way to pass the time than chatting to one of the most popular bestselling writers? Plus, it would even mean a Harry Potter reunion for Rowling and Watson - we're generous like that. And with her creative mind, we're sure she'd come up with an escape plan.

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7. Hillary Clinton.

As the woman we all hoped would be the latest President of the United States, we'd love to use the lift opportunity to quiz Clinton on what her next (and no doubt great) move will be - and of course thank her for empowering us and women all around the world to believe that nothing is impossible.

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8. Meryl Streep.

We certainly don't think the Hollywood actress and Oscar winner is "overrated" and would gladly welcome her into our (now very cramped) lift. There's a thousand questions we're dying to ask the actress and philanthropist... starting with her brilliant impression of Donald Trump.

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9. Celia Pacqola.

Just as the reality of being actually stuck in a lift sets in, our favourite Aussie comedian could lift our spirits. Pacqola is killing it at the moment with a comedy special on Stan, a regular spot on Have You Been Paying Attention, TV series Rosehaven and a successful comedy festival run.

10. Sheryl Sandberg.

Where to begin. The COO of Facebook and the author and founder of the Lean In movement, Sandberg is a serious inspiration to all of us in the Mamamia office. As one of the most powerful and influential women, a chance to hear a wisdom is surely once in a lifetime.


Her latest book focuses on resilience, inspired by the tragic death of her husband two years ago, and is a lesson we could all do with listening to.

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Which inspiring woman would you love to be stuck in a lift with? Share with us your pick below.

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