WATCH THIS: And put your problems in perspective.


Last week sucked. I was feeling really down and all the ice cream and cuddles in the world weren’t helping.

But then I caught up with one of my more practical and level-headed friends and he gave me some great advice.

He said “You know Ash, that really does suck. And I don’t want to go all “this too shall pass” on you…but worse things have happened to better people. So you know, chin up.”

That advice came complete with one of those awkward, man-friend squeeze of the shoulders. Don’t you just love men?

But the advice was sound. And like always, he was right.

Far better people than me have had much worse things happen to them and they don’t sit around feeling all glum and rubbish. No, they take those lemons the world has given them and make lemonade. Or cut them up for use in tequila shots. Either way – they don’t let stuff get them down.

One of those people is 11 year old Gabriel Muniz.

Like most kids in Europe (let alone Rio de Janeiro), Gabriel is soccer mad. And like most boys his age he only wants to be a star player when he grows up. There is no alternative career option. No plan B.

Luckily for Gabriel he’s really good at it. So darn good that he has won over Barcelona talent scouts and landed a spot at a summer training camp in Spain. So what’s so awe-inspiring about this kid? Besides only being 11 years old and wowing talent scouts?

Well, he was born with no feet. Yep, no feet and is STILL talented enough for those picky talent scouts.

As if that wasn’t enough he is devoting his time and energy trying to make soccer a paralympic sport. Oh and you know, going to school. Kinda puts those first world problems into perspective doesn’t it?

 What was the last thing that happened to you that put your problems in perspective?