Inspirational advice from 5 of Australia's most successful women.

A few years back, I was stuck in a career rut.

I was in a job that felt like it was going nowhere. I was working hard day in, day out, but I just didn’t seem to be getting ahead – and I struggled to stay focused and motivated.

I know I’m not the only one to have gone through that flat phase – because even the best of us fall into a career pothole from time to time.

So how do you stay motivated and inspired?

Well, these tips and tricks from some of Australia’s most successful women should help.

Girls to look up to.

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1. Ita Buttrose.

She was the 2013 Australian of the Year, so she knows a thing or two. And before that, Ita had a stellar media career, as the founding editor of women’s magazine Cleo and the first female editor of an Australian metropolitan newspaper. For someone who left school at 15, she is passionate about girls’ education and believes women can do anything, in and out of the workplace.

She told Women’s Agenda:

“Never lose your curiosity; be well informed – start the day listening, watching or reading the news; always do your research before an interview; and never accept second best from yourself”.

inspirational advice from successful women
The one and only Ita. Image via Getty.


2. Julia Gillard.

She was Australia’s first female Prime Minister and has always been a passionate supporter of women’s education and career progression. She told Brookings:

Education policy was always the area closest to my heart because I knew from my own life experience the immense power of education to transform your future…I was fortunate enough to get a great education and it made me (who I am) …. if asked my advice, I would say always believe in your own power and strength to make a difference to your own life and the lives of others.”

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Julia Gillard giving her famous speech on misogyny.

3. Gail Kelly.

The super businesswoman is about to step down as CEO of Westpac. When she took on the role in 2002 she became the first female CEO of a major Australian bank and in 2005 she was named the highest-paid woman in an Australian corporation. Last year, Forbes revealed she was the 56th most powerful woman in the world – so it’s safe to say she has this whole career thing down pat. Here is some of her best career advice that she has previously shared with Business Insider Australia:


“Many women want to be 100% ready to take on the job before they are prepared to put their hand up and say: ‘Have a look at me.’ My advice for young women and their careers is back yourself. There are people out there who want to support you. Ask for the opportunities. Dig deep when those opportunities come your way and have a go. Use all those talents you have of listening and taking feedback on board and growing every single day.”

Gail Kelly knows her stuff.

4. Janine Allis.

For the Boost Juice founder, career success comes down to two things: working hard (duh) and forgetting about the idea of “work/life balance”. She told Women’s agenda:

“Work hard, take accountability for everything you do and surround yourself with great people… Understand that there is a time in your business life that to be successful you need to throw the idea of “work-life balance” out the window and commit everything to the success of your venture.”

Janine Allis founded the Boost empire.

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5. Roxy Jacenko.

The Sweaty Betty PR founder and author juggles parenting with a work life so hectic it would make most of our heads spin. Here’s some of the best tips and tricks for getting ahead in the workplace. She told Cleo:

“You need to treat everything as a learning curve, and even if the first try doesn’t work, you learn what to do and what not to do next time around. Always rise above pettiness, applaud people for their success and back them when they need it. Work hard, take risks and push the boundaries, be a leader not a follower and strive to do things at 200 percent – 100 percent is not enough.”

inspirational advice from successful women
Sweaty Betty PR founder Roxy Jacenko. Image via Getty.


Who do you think is the most inspirational Australian woman?

Here are some other successful women to keep you motivated.

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