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Doctor's daughter was raped and strangled after accused said: "I will get you home'.

The man accused of raping and murdering the daughter of a prominent Adelaide gynaecologist promised to “get her home safe”, a UK court has heard.

India Chipchase, 20, went missing in February after a night out with friends in Northampton and was found dead in Edward Tenniswood’s flat the following day.

The 52-year-old allegedly approached the young woman outside a cocktail bar as she was trying to make her way home, after she got separated from her friends.

“He was overheard to be saying ‘Not to worry, I will get you home safe’. He did not,” prosecutor Chris Donnellan QC told the Birmingham Crown Court this week, according to the Daily Mail.

“She, led by him — or steered, or escorted by him — went to a taxi that would take her not to her home, but to the other side of Northampton.”

India Chipchanse and her boyfriend Evaan Reihana. Source: Facebook 

Chipchase, described as being in a "pickled state", had attempted to leave NB's cocktail bar alone in a taxi but "for whatever reason" had changed her mind and tried to get back into the bar where she was declined entry.

She then met Tenniswood, a bookkeeper, who allegedly coaxed her into a different taxi, took her back to his home, raped and killed her.

Local residents react to the news of India's murder (post continues after video):

Jurors were told she suffered blunt force trauma to her head and face, and had a graze on her ear that had bled through to a sheet under the mattress where she was found.

A post-mortem revealed she died from pressure to the neck.


"He covered her in a sheet and left her," Donnellan said.

"Her death was no dreadful accident, because if it had been he would have called for an ambulance, he would have started CPR, asked for help.

"However, what he did was removed her belongings and placed them round the house. There were lots of other women's items generally distributed around the house.

"He was fully aware of what he was doing and put on a pair of plastic, vinyl gloves — they were later found in a bag of rubbish. Her blood was on the outside and his DNA was on the inside."

At the time, Chipchase was dating a New Zealander, Evaan Reihana, a professional rugby player.

She was studying for a diploma in health and social care, and lived with her mother in Wootton, a suburb of Northampton.

Tenniswood has continued to deny any wrongdoing.