"I only have four friends, but they're all I need."

I could count my real friends on one hand and still have a thumb to spare.

Yep, I have four friends. There are four people in my life that I’m 100 per cent comfortable with, who I check-in with regularly, and who I can’t wait to catch up with.

This is not a sad story – I’m really happy to have four authentic friends. As far as I’m concerned my friendship quota is pretty full, and in such an interconnected world, having a genuine connection with four different people is pretty bloody amazing.

I’ve always kind of laughed about my friendship ‘number’ and thought that I was probably a bit odd, but something Tommy Little said at his Sydney Comedy Festival show on Thursday night changed my mind.

Tommy – who like me is in his thirties – said he only has four friends now. He said anyone in their 20s would be horrified by that admission – and anyone 40 plus would think, “That’s one too many”.

As Little explained, the older you get, the less sh*t you are willing to put up with. You don’t have the time or the energy to nurture a bunch of friendships that probably aren’t that good for you in the first place.

So you find your people and you stick with them.

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My four friends come from different parts of my life – they only know each other in passing – and they enrich my life in different ways.

Two of my friends are a decade or so older than me. They’re mothers, they’ve had long careers, and they’re the people I turn to when I need some serious life advice – because they’ve been through it all before me. When I’m going through a rough patch that I feel will never end – these are the friends who can tell me ‘This too shall pass’.

Writer, Keryn Donnelly.

My other two friends are around my age - but they're polar opposites. One is all business - she's the kind of go-getter who inspires me to aim a little higher, and try a little harder, just by being in her presence. While my other friend is more laid-back and more creative in her approach to life - she reminds me not to take myself so seriously.

So with just four friends I have a huge support network I can tap into - with years of experiences and a variety of perspectives.

That's not to say that I'm not surrounded by other people. I have plenty of acquaintances, casual friends and work colleagues whose company I enjoy immensely.

I laugh with these people on daily basis but I don't necessarily want to tell them when I'm experiencing something that could land me on an episode of Embarrassing Bodies, or that sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and make lists of all the things I haven't achieved in my life.

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And I understand that friendships are constantly evolving - in 10 years' time my four friends could just be casual acquaintances.

But right now, I think I've hit a friends sweet spot, and that's a pretty great place to be.

Have you found you need less friends as you get older?