VIDEO: What happens when you mistake Kasey Chambers for a busker?


Celebrities walk in and out of the Mamamia office on a regular basis.

It’s just such a shame they have to pass through our lift to do so. Because we have a resident lift-lurker.

She is called Clare Gerber.

She be waitin'...

Clare loves a chat. And she seems to have made a habit of finding herself in the lift with the best and brightest people that visit Mamamia HQ.

It's just a shame she struggles to recognise most of them.

There was that time she confused Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian for runner-up Shannon Noll:

Clare finds herself stuck in the lift with Aussie singer/songwriter Guy Sebastian. Post continues after video...

Video by Mamamia

Or that time she mixed-up actor and television personality Andrew Daddo with his brother, Cameron:

Video by Mamamia

This week in the Mamamia office?

We were lucky enough to be paid visit by Australian singer-songwriter, Kasey Chambers.


A photo posted by Kasey Chambers (@kaseychambersmusic) on Dec 12, 2016 at 9:16pm PST


Chambers, 40, took home 'Album of the Year', 'Best Female Artist' and 'Best Country Album' at the ARIA Awards in 2002.

And her career has

Kasey Chambers, left, stuck in the lift with Mamamia's Clare Gerber.

She's beautiful and amazing and it's impossible not to love her.

Even when Clare asked her "Do you busk?"

No, Clare. Kasey Chambers does not busk...


So, to any other celebrities coming into our office in the coming weeks?

You might want to take the stairs.

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