Video: What happens when you confuse Guy Sebastian with Shannon Noll.

The lift at Mamamia HQ is a magical place.

Those three red-carpeted walls, they’ve really seen some things….

Countless awkward silences, a lot of anxious fidgeting, and some more awkward silences, to be precise.

MAN does our elevator have some stories to tell, though…

Like when Sarah Wilson, founder of the ‘I Quit Sugar’ movement, came by.

Video by Mamamia

Or that time Andrew Daddo, TV presenter and podcast host, stopped by for a recording.

Or when I chatted with Tim from the IT department about his wedding.

Magical, magical moments.

Clare Gerber’s moments, however, have been somewhat less magical: Clare has a knack for finding herself in the lift at the very worst of times.

So when Guy Sebastian dropped by this week, of course it was Clare who found herself trapped in the lift. With him. Alone.

Guy won Australian Idol back in ’03, narrowly clenching the victory over fellow musician Shannon Noll.

Since then, Guy has swung from success to success, and now finds himself at the top of the Aussie music industry. He’s also a judge on X-Factor.



It’s fairly hard not to love Guy Sebastian.


"You're that guy from... Idol?"

Yes Clare. Yes he is.

We're so sorry...

To any celebs en route to Mamamia HQ: if you find yourself in the lift with Clare, just bail. Get outta there. Force the doors open, hit the emergency button, pretend to pass out.

Whatever you gotta do...