Bec Judd was just cornered in a lift by her creepiest fan.

Bec Judd’s on-air ‘almost-kiss’ with Tony Jones was billed as one of the most awkward encounters ever to be caught on camera.

But we reckon we’ve topped it.

The Aussie model and TV presenter swung by the Mamamia office for an innocent interview.

And to say we all went full fan-girl is an understatement…

She was tall. Image supplied.

There was one Mamamia staff member, however, who fangirled harder than the rest of us.

Clare Gerber.

When it comes to celebrities, Clare Gerber has form. For all the wrong reasons.

You see, the Mamamia office lies on Level 3 of a certain building. And Clare has a tendency to find herself stuck in the lift with the very best and brightest that come visit.

There was the time she confused Andrew Daddo for his brother Cameron.

Or the time she was caught scoffing lollies by I Quit Sugar founder, Sarah Wilson.


More recently, she confused Aussie pop icon Guy Sebastien for his arch nemesis, Shannon Noll.

Clare is a liability. To say the least.

She even revealed to Mamamia founder Mia Freedman she's been stealing the office tampons and kitchen supplies.

So when Clare found herself stuck in a lift with Bec Judd, we were worried.

Clare in the lift with Bec Judd. Image supplied.

It went even worse than we thought...

"OH MY GOD you're Bec Judd... How good are you on the weather? No one does weather like you."

Claaaare. Shutup.

"I follow you on Insta, Facebook, Twitter..."

I think... I THINK... Clare may have even 'leaned in'.

Needless to say it's unlikely Bec will be back anytime soon.

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